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Student sick days take a toll on families, cost districts millions of dollars in funding, and negatively effect student achievement.

We can stop this cycle.

FLUency is a philanthropic program, sponsored by Lysol, that helps stop the spread of illness in schools. The program offers free, app-enabled thermometers to all families and school staff, which they use to understand their children’s health and the health of those around them.

Thanks to Lysol's sponsorship, we have been able to give out over 100,000 smart thermometers to families!

Kinsa thermometers don't just take your temperature. Use Kinsa to understand:

What should I tell my doctor?

Fevers, symptoms and medications are all tracked in a time-stamped log for each member of the family.

What should I do next?

Real-time, personalized guidance helps parents know when to call a doctor and how to make their kids feel better.

What's going around?

Parents learn what's circulating in their child's grade so they can treat it quickly or avoid it in the first place.

Why FLUency?

District Administrators
School Nurses
  • Reduce illness-related absences during flu season and beyond

  • Increase achievement by keeping teachers & students in class & on track

  • Show you care by offering parents & staff a free, award-winning, innovative health tool

  • Receive an award-winning, FDA cleared smart thermometer for free

  • Know what's going around the grade so you can detect it quickly in your child -- or better yet, avoid it.

  • Get guidance on next steps if fever or symptoms are cause for concern

  • Arm parents with thermometers so they know when to keep sick children home

  • Reduce absences so you won't spend flu season repeating lessons for those who miss them

  • Know when illnesses are high and your classroom needs disinfecting

  • Stay more informed of illnesses going around school

  • Reduce clinic load as fewer parents send sick children to school

  • Easily communicate with parents to encourage preventive practices to keep students healthier

Thousands of schools have already benefited from FLUency

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parents agree that FLUency made their life easier during cold and flu season


of school nurses agree that FLUency kept them more informed of illnesses going around their school

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school nurses agree that FLUency kept their school healthier

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“I have had numerous praises from faculty and families throughout our district about how helpful and informative it has been especially with the high number of children diagnosed with Influenza and strep. Many have made appts and took their children to the doctor or CVS Minute Clinics a lot sooner than they normally would have done without the program in place.”


—  Lead District Nurse 


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